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MorningStar. It’s not just a lyrical name. Its roots go far deeper. Founder Ken Jaeger reminisces on the opening chapter of our story…. Read More…


Joy isn’t ever in a season but in the way we see. There is always reason to arise confident in the day and the promise it holds…. Read More…

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The search for a retirement home is often precipitated by major change, a recognized need for transition. When seniors… Read More…

Welcome to MorningStar

It’s in the air. You can feel it. You can see it with your own eyes every day at MorningStar Senior Living: our staff flat out loving our residents, loving them like they do their own moms and dads.

Such genuine affection flows out of a core belief at MorningStar Senior Living, for we see our residents as heroes—men and women who have exacted out of life all its triumphs and trials, who in raw courage and tenacity have invested their days.

And now, it is our pleasure and privilege to invest in them.

MorningStar’s distinction among other senior living options begins with our mission statement: to honor, to serve, to invest. We’re intentional about populating our speech with these key motivators: to love from a deep place, to serve rather than be served, and to invest in that which matters most.

Conversely, there are words we avoid, terms associated with bygone decades where senior living choices were limited to institutional facilities, cold and clinical: “old folks home,” “rest home,” “nursing home”—most of them a far cry from a true home.

Welcome to a bright new day: MorningStar Senior Living.




The Stars are Multiplying: Newest Communities Underway

The constellation of MorningStars grows!  Our existing community of Parker Assisted Living by MorningStar is opening late this year a new independent and assisted living building on the southern end of our campus.  We are well under way with three more assisted living and memory care communities in Glendale, AZ; Boulder, CO; and Fort Collins, CO, all of them now boasting an Information Center on site, open and ready to make your acquaintance. Go to our Communities tab in the main navigation bar to learn more. In March, we open the Information Center for two other assisted living & memory care communities: MorningStar of Wheat Ridge (Colorado) and MorningStar of Albuquerque (our first home in New Mexico).  Check back in March for full information on these two upcoming communities.



To read testimonials from MorningStar residents, families and staff about the difference love can make – Click Here



Giving Back

Part of MorningStar’s chosen responsibility as a company, and as individuals, is to invest our time and talents in charitable projects within our own city and around the world. In this, Founder Ken Jaeger takes a decided lead (pictured at the Casa Bernabe orphanage in Nicaragua).

Ken is passionate about helping the poor in Third World countries. From his earliest days in Colorado, he was deeply impacted by abject poverty internationally. Ken resolved then to use any success he might achieve in combating despair with hope.

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