"We couldn't be happier with MorningStar." (Resident)
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Testify to Love

How do you spell L-O-V-E. Read for yourself in the words of our residents, families and team members.

morningstar-scrabblescrabble“We want you to know how much we appreciate you. Everyone is so kind and helpful. Our son and grandsons were also very impressed. We are grateful for the extraordinary care Mom receives. She and we are glad she is at MorningStar. Thank you for everything.” (Resident’s daughter)

Seniors teach me patriotism and love of country. They teach me the most valuable gift is a good example. They teach me that struggles and difficulties build character. Lastly, they teach that a smile and a hug can brighten anyone’s day! (Wellness Director)

“How do we begin to thank ALL of you for the friendship, care, and love that you so generously gave to my father this past year. He truly loved each of you and, when it was time to come home in his final days, he asked to be with you at MorningStar. You were family. I know he was deeply comforted by the loving care you provided, as were we. We will truly miss seeing all of you each day. Thank you & God bless you.” (Resident’s family)

“Thank you more than words can say for the care you gave my mother. You are The Best!” (Resident’s daughter)

The loving care you provide my mom fills me up to overflowing with gratitude. I hope you know how very special your services and ministry are. We couldn’t be happier with MorningStar. (Resident’s daughter)


hugs“Over the three years since Dad’s stroke, our family has been educated in what servanthood looks like—and you have demonstrated it. What you do at MorningStar is the highest of callings, and being able to do it so well is a very rare gift. We are so impressed and astonished that we regularly call you ‘angels.’ One can tell immediately the difference between a caregiver who is doing a job, and one who loves the people with whom they work. We’ve watched how you step in and care with true affection for those who remain so important to our Creator. When one does caring work with love it raises the level of effectiveness extraordinarily. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for lovingly caring for our dad—and for us. We have come to love you just as we do our biological family.” (Resident’s son)


“I didn’t always know just how much I loved connecting with seniors. But when I found my calling (holy cow!) it was second nature. The fulfillment I felt—and happiness—from the very first day. (Life Enrichment Coordinator)


Our expectations have been exceeded. I have a sense of complete security that Mom’s going to be safe and taken care of. (Resident’s son)


“I feel like the Lord has given me this opportunity to serve seniors.  He fills me up every day with the love I’m so eager to give.  I call the men and women who make MorningStar of Littleton their home “MY residents”; they’re just that important in my life.  In my role as Life Enrichment Coordinator, I learn so much from them every day. (Life Enrichment Coordinator)


“I’ve been treated beautifully here.” (Resident)


Esther (seen here with her dog, Molly) was such a fiercely independent career woman that we were very concerned about how she would do in any senior community. MorningStar is full of such sweet and loving people that Esther flourished. We thank everyone for encouraging her to be part of the community and showering her with kindness. (Resident’s daughter)


“My mom needed extra care. We didn’t know where to begin—so many questions. Thank goodness we found MorningStar.” (Resident’s daughter)


“The staff are wonderful, concerned, kind. Nothing is too much trouble for them.” (Resident)

“Years ago when I decided to become a nurse, I never pictured myself working in a senior community. Then came MorningStar. I quickly realized that seniors have something no one else has to give—and that is their experience. Today, I can’t picture myself not in senior living. The goal of my day is to make the quality of life better for my residents.” (Regional Nurse)


Words cannot express our gratitude for all you’ve done for our dear mom.  Your loving and compassionate care in this beautiful place enable her to live a dignified, comfortable and happy life.  The Bible says that the ones who are great in God’s eyes are the ones who serve others.  You’re like family to us, and we thank God for you.  May He encourage you and give you peace and hope.  Much, much love (Resident’s daughter)


“MorningStar’s staff have really impressed us with their caring, attentive approach.  Even your chef is concerned about residents.  Very refreshing!”   (Resident’s son)


My husband and I are as tickled as you are to have Mom at MorningStar. Out of the blue, she says tidbits like “They always check on me,” “They come and get me for all kinds of activities,” “Holli is just so sweet to me”, “My room is so close to everything,” and even (with a tear) “I can’t believe all that you did to make my room so beautiful.”  We get nothing but positive comments from her and, to be honest, a much more optimist attitude. When we see our caller ID these days, it’s an entirely different feeling.   Now we hear about things she did that day, and words of appreciation instead of… well, I won’t go to the instead of.  We are thankful and joyful to share Mom with you.  (Resident’s daughter)


“We ultimately chose Morning Star after visiting many homes in town. We felt comfortable from our first visit and that the staff sincerely wanted us to choose them only if it was the best fit for us. We can’t say enough good things about MorningStar. The facility is clean, and beautiful. The staff is wonderful, absolutely wonderful, from receptionist to every one of the care givers and administrators. The staff visited Grandma in the hospital and the care was superior when she returned to MorningStar. If you are looking for a great place with caring people, MorningStar should be high on your list.” (Granddaughter)


“It is so reassuring to family members to have a place for their loved one that is safe, beautiful and with the very best of caregivers. You have created a wonderful working environment for your employees and a beautiful place for our seniors.”
(Resident’s daughter)


My dad receives wonderful care at your hands.  You have just the right mixture of empathy and service.  Dad is well fed not only with nourishment, but with love.  I treasure our family’s experience at MorningStar.  (Resident’s daughter)


We chose MorningStar after a search that included 37 senior living communities in four states.  My family will be forever grateful for the patience, love, companionship, support and healing care that you provided our mom in her dementia.  Your staff developed a bond that adds joy and comfort to her life.  (Resident’s son)


“I never had a pedicure before coming to MorningStar.  Now I can’t imagine not getting one regularly, along with my manicure and hair appointment.  Us ladies need to take care of ourselves.” (Resident)


Choosing a facility for a loved one, especially after the trauma of a fall is difficult at best.  When it came time to select a facility, we were determined to find a place mom would come to consider her home.  It had to be clean, bright and friendly—plus, most important to mom, have good food.  We loved MorningStar with its well-planned apartments and all the beautiful common spaces, including our grandson’s favorite:  the aquarium.  But, all the above does not make a home…you have to add the right people.  That’s what really sold us on MorningStar.  From the time we walked in the door and were greeted with a smile, we could feel the energy and caring attitude of your staff.  Mom refers to your caregivers as “my angels,” and we would agree.  Mom loves every one of them.  (Resident’s family)


“I am especially thankful for MorningStar’s staff! The loving care you provide Mom fills me up to overflowing with gratitude. I hope you know how very special your services and ministry are to the elderly population. Thank you for all you’ve done and all you continue to do. We couldn’t be happier with Morningstar.” (Resident’s daughter)


You were able to make my husband feel safe and content in the midst of the challenges that dementia imposes.  You were patient as I adjusted to the changes and sense of helplessness.  Thank you for all the times when you made him smile and sprinkled happiness and meaning through your generous friendship and care.
(Resident’s wife)

“We fell in love with MorningStar.” (Resident’s son)


“As I walked through MorningStar where people were going about their day, I began to notice the exceptional difference in the manner of the residents and staff.  It felt more like a meeting place or country club where people were glad to be together than the typical senior facilities I have visited or worked in before.  Even the back areas, like kitchens, were bright and well maintained.  I find myself recommending MorningStar to friends frequently.”
(Jerry Welch, JWA Technologies, Inc.)


“The love that pours from the MorningStar staff and the sincerity in their hugs is something to be recognized and honored.  The softness and respect these men and women have for your residents is truly a gift; not a job!  (Klare Looney, Mind Design Games)


“Getting old is tough. But MorningStar is the place to get old at.” (Resident)

“To all the loving people at MorningStar! Thank you so much for all you did for my mom. She knew you cared about her and I knew it too! May the Lord bless all of you. Thanks for making our lives better!” (Resident’s son)


“My family’s experience with MorningStar has been incredibly good! My three siblings live out-of-state but are at total peace knowing that Mom is receiving the best possible care. I have watched your staff take great care of countless people, and handle very difficult situations.” (Resident’s son)
“MorningStar is always on my side when it comes to staffing and supplies. The answer is always, ‘Whatever resource you need to draw upon, do it—for the residents’ sake.’ It’s always an attitude of ‘we’ll take the hit financially rather than sacrifice the quality of care.’ That blows me away. I’ve never experienced that in my long career. (Regional Nurse)

Remembering Our Own Personal Histories with Seniors

“Honor your father and mother—which is the first commandment with a promise—so that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.” (Ephesians 6:2-3)

In middle school, we were required to spend 80 hours volunteering in a nursing home. I loved it, so much so I stayed five years. It filled the void of not really knowing my own grandparents.I’d bike over there after school to join in on activities—and receive lots of hugs and kisses. Doing for others is what does it for me. Making a difference in someone else’s life: that’s what it’s all about. (Maintenance Director)

“Growing up, I spent hours after school with my grandma, Gert, often playing gin rummy. I remember laughing with her as she hit the spruce trees with a broom to get the birds out! The day came when she had to move to a nursing home due to her dementia. As the stages of the disease progressed, I vividly recall holding her hand, speaking to her even when she could no longer speak back. When she passed on, I knew I wanted to spend my life caring for people like Grandma.”
(Kimberly Erickson, COO)
“As a girl, I spent nearly every day with my grandma while my mom was at work. On snowy days, we wore matching snow caps and mittens. When I was 11, my grandma was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. She only lived for 9 months after admission to the nursing home. For those 9 months, I visited the nursing home daily.She would not eat or drink for anyone except me. During this time, I became very attached to other residents of the nursing home too. It was here that I learned just how comforting a warm, smiling face can be to someone with dementia.I saw firsthand how difficult and stressful it can be to navigate the healthcare system and try to make the best decisions for a loved one. Though my grandma’s disease was quite trying for my family, I am thankful for the experience. Without it, I don’t know that I would have been introduced to the career I love. I like to think that it was my grandma’s gift to me.”
(VP, Resident Care)
“My grandparents were the very first seniors I ever loved. I am fortunate enough to still have both my parents’ parents in my life to this day. They’ve taught me priceless lessons on how to make a marriage work for over 65 years, how to work hard with enthusiasm and dedication, and most importantly, how to live a life serving the Lord and serving others with love.” (VP of Culture)


“In building MorningStar, I wanted to re-create my grandmother’s house, a place where one can go and feel a sense of family, rather than the isolation of an institution.” (Ken Jaeger, Founder)

“I called my mother and father in Florida every single Sunday afternoon. After Dad passed away, Mom told me he used to sit anxiously by the phone waiting for that call from his girl. Little things mean a lot to seniors. Don’t miss the opportunity to stay in contact while you have the chance—which provides lifetime memories for all.” (Housekeeper)



My compassion and patience come from my father.  Dad was a quiet and gentle man. I never saw him express anger, but did see him express love.  He never raised his voice; he didn’t have to.  We loved him so much we didn’t want to disappoint him.  I can still hear his whistling coming from the workshop where he built pine furniture. (Concierge)
My father lived out his faith in many ways, but there are special moments that bring him back so sweetly.  When I hear an old hymn, especially “Wonderful Grace of Jesus,” I can hear him singing out while patting his knee to the beat.  A valuable lesson he taught was that in work or play, do it as unto the Lord, give your best regardless of the return and always apply integrity.  (Executive Director)

The biggest distinction between MorningStar and other senior living communities is the importance we put on values: values to honor God and to serve both our residents and employees well: mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Not many companies out there allow you to put your faith, values, and morals before the “bottom line.” I am honored to be a part of this awesome company and I pray I will be a part of it for many more years to come. (VP of Culture)


My parents are the reason why I try everyday to do the best I can.  And they are the reason why I love being a caregiver at MorningStar.   I love making the day of a resident just by coming into their rooms to say “Hi” or helping them get dressed or do an activity.   If I make them smile or laugh, that’s the biggest reward I could ask for.  (Care Manager)