"Dad is well fed not only with nourishment,
but with love." (Resident's Family)
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“No man can live without joy.”  (Thomas Aquinas, 13th c.)

Joy isn’t ever in a season but in the way we see. There is always reason to arise confident in the day and the promise it holds. To engage the day with mind, body and spirit. To continue learning and contributing. To shine.

WellStar is our signature wellness program. The charge of our Wellness and Life Enrichment Teams is to present residents with creative ways to stay active and productive for man’s good and God’s glory.  We love to draw out the beauty and talents in each of them.

At MorningStar, each day is filled with opportunities to ignite a plan that enhances health and wellness. Our activities integrate different modalities and senses to feed the whole body and brain. The result? Reduced pain. Less reliance on medication. A marked difference in mood and physical well being.


Below are examples of WellStar in our homes

morningstar-dancingPhysical Wellness:
We have fitness and movement opportunities every day, sometime indoors, sometimes under blue skies. In true Rockies style, we have a Flat Fourteeners Club where residents come together to walk the neighboring paths.

We created Wish Upon A Star to enable residents to live out their dreams—for to live is to hope and dream. For one resident, a quadriplegic who was once a competitive swimmer, that dream was to swim again. Her MorningStar team helped make it happen.


Spiritual Wellness:
Our lovely chapel is open to all faiths for prayer and meditation, with a non-denomination service regularly scheduled. Devotionals, Bible study, hymn singing and group prayer are held during the week. Communion is shared monthly.

Intellectual Wellness:
For our S.T.A.R. speaker series—Seeking, Teaching And Reaching—we provide regular presentations for inspirational, educational and interactive topics about life and issues, sometimes led our own residents. We also host My Memories, where residents are invited to reminisce about their lives, loves and triumphs.

Our residents, including those with dementia, especially enjoy educational games that work their brains. One 100-year-old resident is known as our Trivial Pursuit queen.


morningstar-robin-marilynSocial Wellness: Everything we do in a MorningStar day is social. Activities. Exercise.  Meals.  Especially eating! Dining at MorningStar is a special occasion every day, thanks to our Executive Chefs and the wonders they create to tempt us.

We encourage residents to use their own special talents and personality to enrich our community.  One community boasts a Resident Choir who perform on occasion for the entire community.   We’re known to gather around the piano for sing-alongs.  And, of course, we celebrate seasonal holidays as a community of family.

We often hit the road in the MorningStar bus and head for a new movie release, special interest destinations, swimming at the rec center, or scenic drives.  Shopping excursions are even more common.

As another way to celebrate life and lives, we created our Resident of the Month program.  In a given month, one of our beloved residents is invited to share photographs, videos and favorite stories with our Life Enrichment Team, who assemble all for public display.  We then invite the resident (together with family members) to share his or her life story with the rest of our community.  The reminiscing is wonderful, as is the opportunity to learn more about each other.  We cap the day with a lunch or outing whose theme celebrates that resident’s history.

All this comes with the reward of not just relationships, but accountability (you are truly missed if ever you don’t show up).


morning-star-chefFood Philosophy:
Diet is the centerpiece of wellness, even more so as we age.  We’re thrilled with both the level of talent in our MorningStar kitchens—and new research that bears out the tremendous healing power of certain foods: berries, chocolate high in cocoa mass, Omega 3 fats, turmeric—and always dark leafy greens.

The charge of our culinary team is to design menus that creatively leverage the phenomenal benefits of Super Foods.  We experiment with flavor profiles that delight the eye and palate, can be easily handled and digested, and directly contribute to wellness.


WellStar is enhanced further by our Life Enrichment partners:

S.A.G.E. (Seniors Aging Gracefully with Exercise)

The goal of the S.A.G.E. program in Denver, Colorado, is to improve functional fitness for seniors through customized, one-on-one exercise and, secondarily, offer psychosocial and cognitive stimulation and client advocacy.

S.A.G.E. trainers have an exercise science/physiology background and are Certified Senior Personal Trainers.  They are available to provide a free functional fitness assessment, after which a trainer can work individually with a resident two to five times each week.

A Wiser Mind
A group of licensed clinicians, A Wiser Mind offers therapy to residents and their families, including brain activation.

It’s all on our calendar. Every day. Fun and healthy reasons to step out your door and join in. Of course, true wellness is ultimately found, not in programming, but in the human touch. Touching reminds us we’re still here. It’s the antidote to loneliness—for all of us.