"The respect, trust and love here is beyond anything
I've experienced in my career." (Team Member)
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“Yesterday I was eating at Village Inn and about 12 people from MorningStar at Jordan came in. I have to say: when I am of an age where I need a little help, I hope someone like Sean (MorningStar team member) is there for me. He is attentive, encouraging and engaging. There are some lucky folks at MorningStar at Jordan.” (Centennial citizen)

News & Events

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MorningStar at Jordan didn’t let the spring snowstorm damper our Dunkin’ Donuts “Outing.” We transformed the second floor Life Enrichment Room into Jordan’s Java House, bringing in donuts and hot cocoa with marshmallows, flavored coffees and tea.



Smiles and Winners All Around


Eve was this week’s winner of “Find the Letter,” locating 62 T’s on our “Day at A Glance” activity sheet at MorningStar at Jordan. The winner is announced at Happy Hour and awarded Bingo Store Bucks.

Rosalie and her antics evoked lots of giggles eat MorningStar at Jordan during Popsicles and Smile-sicles.

Bringing Easter Joy

The Easter Bunny (AKA Dining Room Supervisor, Lauren Wells) made a springtime appearance at MorningStar at Jordan, to the delight of many. Radiant concierge, Marjorie, came in early for her shift that Sunday so her colleague could tuck out and celebrate the holiday with her family.




Everything Green Happy Hour

Ann Esposito, from our Home Office, visited MorningStar at Jordan on St. Patrick’s Day, making Shamrock pretzel pops. Nick McGrath dressed the part as part of our Life Enrichment team, bringing smiles to all.

Sipping and Dabbing

New residents to MorningStar at Jordan, Revonda and Barbara, paint masterpieces as part of our Coffee & Canvas Club.



Special Times for Our Residents
The Life Enrichment Team at MorningStar at Jordan got into everyone in the Mardi Gras spirit with festive decorations and King’s cake; Della turned 90 on Sunday and was tickled to see her name on the wall in gold balloons, so much so she beamed all day and evening.


Tea & Crumpets & Everything Nice
Tea Time at MorningStar at Jordan…always an elegant event. Ladies in hats are most welcome.


Chickens Running Amok
Team Members at MorningStar at Jordan, up and doing The Chicken Dance with our Happy Hour entertainers. The residents giggled their way through.


GrandFriend Valentines
Through our “GrandFriends” project, every team member at MorningStar at Jordan is paired with resident to nurture one-on-one relationships. Here Carlos, Tom and Dominic create a Valentine for their special resident. Under our roof, no one suffers a “Charlie Brown Moment” at the mailbox.


In the Name of Love
MorningStar of Jordan residents celebrated St. Valentine’s Day, as they do every holiday, with grateful hearts, festive foods and togetherness. (Valentine’s Day honors the loving devotion of a 3rd century Christian martyr, by the way).



Pen Pals

Bob, a resident of MorningStar of Jordan, was a writer for The Wall Street Journal for 30 years. Small wonder he signed up for our Inklings Pen Pal program with Pine Grove Elementary. Yet it was wondrous to Bob’s daughter and niece, who for years had been coaxing stories out of him, only to receive a “one liner” response. Thanks to the fifth graders at Pine Grove, his tales are now being shared in print (how fitting for a journalist).

Gridiron Fan – Here at MorningStar at Jordan, John makes cork football coasters in readiness for our Super Bowl party. He made three: one for his beer, one for his water and one to give to his son. We love the game around here, even when the Broncos are absent.


For My Valentine – We made lovely Valentine décor with MorningStar of Jordan residents. Some chose to put them on their walkers, like Amalia, while others hung them on their doors.

Saluting the National Western Stock Show
Western Wear Day at MorningStar at Jordan…here’s part of the team, decked out for our themed Happy Hour: Nick and Sean (Life Enrichment Assistants), Jill Friedentag (Life Enrichment Coordinator), Liz Payne (Lead Concierge) and Matt Misegadis (Business Office Manager). Cowpokes unite!


Play On!
MorningStar at Jordan’s resident band at an enthused rehearsal…music lovers, all.


Holiday-themed Happy Hours
MorningStar at Jordan is hosting a host of holiday-themed Happy Hours this season. The Heather Gardens Road Show
came to one to entertain with tap dancers, singers, hula gals and even an authorized Elf.


Stepping Up, Stepping Out..Until it is FINISHED

Team members, residents and family members (over 50 strong) from the six Denver MorningStar communities walked with hundreds from the Metro Area at the Denver Walk to End Alzheimer’s at City Park in September. Radiance (and a persevering hope for a cure) showed through our smiles, don’t you think? The Memory Walls that lined our booth proved a lovely way for people to record cherished memories from the reservoirs of their minds and hearts.

Upscale Vittles

Steak and Lobster dinner. The residents were over the moon.

Pajama Party

Team members at MorningStar at Jordan hosted a late night dance party for residents in our theatre where everyone showed up in their PJs…just for the FUN of it!


Relaxed and Relational

Happy residents chatting it up in the foyer of MorningStar at Jordan.


Eager Anticipation

Ted and Vera, residents at MorningStar at Jordan, eagerly await the arrival of family. Their two granddaughters and daughter visit this beloved couple 3-4 times a week.



Our residents never tire of the world’s favorite game. Here’s Della and Phyllis, as proof.

Longest Day

On June 20 (the Summer Solstice), we reveled in a MorningStar-wide Uplifting Day to honor the memory-impaired. MorningStar at Jordan’s event wrapped in a plethora of purple-enthused team members and a very long symbolic paper chain. Read more about our creative variety of “Longest Day” celebrations and fundraising efforts.


Dancin’ the Day Away

Life Enrichment Assistant, JoJo, cut a rug with residents at our Fourth of July celebration.

Big Sweet Tooth


MorningStar at Jordan’s John, using his BINGO Bucks this month to purchase giant “kisses” from the Bingo Store. Shopping has never been so easy or sweet.

Colonies of a Tunneling Sort

The residents of MorningStar of Jordan enjoyed a visit from Lucas Davenport and his Ant Farm. Lucas was full of interesting facts about these amazing creatures.

Shopping Bucks

MorningStar of Jordan’s Don wins “Bingo Bucks” at BINGO with Kaylee, Life Enrichment Assistant.

Plant Life

An outing to the Denver Botanical Gardens for MorningStar at Jordan. Here’s Eve and Phyllis taking in all the beauty.


Therapeutic Coloring


A another Colorful Mind at work at MorningStar at Jordan.

Brain Health Smoothie

Here’s Chef Raul at MorningStar at Jordan kicking off Brain Health Awareness Month at our Resident Food Committee in June. He’s prepared a delicious blueberry, honey, almond, banana, soy milk and lettuce (yes, lettuce) smoothie.

Honoring POW-MIAs
MorningStar at Jordan set a POW-MIA table in our dining room, remembering these brave warriors on Memorial Day. As a tribute to the veterans beneath our roof, our other residents lovingly crafted cards of appreciation for their service.


MorningStar Assisted Living & Memory Care at Jordan
14301 E Arapahoe Rd | Centennial, CO 80112 | (303) 569-4633