"Everyone here is so thoughtful and considerate."
(Resident's Family)
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MorningStar Assisted Living of Jackson Hole
3000 W Big Trail Dr   Jackson, WY 83001   (307) 734-0500  Google Plus

News & Events

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Art Lovers; Gun Slingers

We can’t get enough of art appreciation. And the Valley has a thorough repository of Great Art to offer. So every Wednesday we go abrowsin’. Most recently we went to Trailside Art Gallery where patrons can see a hand-crafted pinball/shootout machine valued at $22,000. For only 5 cents patrons can attempt a shoot out against oncoming grizzlies.


Ride ‘em, Jackalope Girl

Lia (Life Enrichment Coordinator) rides the Jackalope in Dubois, WY, with residents looking on.

Budding Musicians

The girls seen here with their mother are four and six years old, and both budding musicians. And no wonder: their father played second violin at the Grand Teton Music Festival. These sweet girls put on two concerts for MorningStar of Jackson Hole, to our great delight.


Western Day at MorningStar of Jackson Hole (not that every day isn’t Western Day): Residents enjoyed dressing in western gear. Maintenance Director Greg demonstrated how cowboy hats are made and molded into shape. Then we all hopped our (motorized) horse and headed for the local rodeo.



The Glories of Symphonic Music

We feel so blessed to be part of the new symphony season as in-kind sponsors of the Grand Teton Music Festival. Here we are enjoying an open rehearsal at Harley Pavilion.


Art Works!

MorningStar of Jackson Hole has partnered with the Jackson Hole Arts Association in hosting a monthly senior art class in our community. All seniors—and all levels of skill—are welcome to join this vibrant exploration of art. We will welcome a rotating group of facilitators from the Arts Association, each an expert in a different medium: oil, watercolor, drawing, sculpture. Come get your hands dirty with us!


Go West, Be Wild

MorningStar of Jackson Hole patronized the famous Bar J Chuckwagon for a western BBQ and live show, while Bob befriended a grizzly.


The Great Unveiling

MorningStar of Jackson Hole marked the completion of its interior renovation by…what else, throwing a bash for our beloved residents (who put up with the dust and commotion), their families and our town at large. Matt Turner, Managing Partner of MorningStar Senior Living, was keynote speaker, with Chris Lanier, Executive Director playing emcee. We unveiled not only the fresh look to all of our common spaces but also the Tree of Life, MorningStar signature art that symbolizes and celebrates our mission. Here are a few scenes to give you a sense of the festivities.


Longest Day

On June 20 (the Summer Solstice), we reveled in a MorningStar-wide Uplifting Day to honor the memory-impaired. Morningstar of Jackson Hole’s event wrapped in visiting goats, live music and an art sale. Read more about our creative variety of “Longest Day” celebrations and fundraising efforts.


Old Faithful Never Disappoints

MorningStar of Jackson Hole’s annual trip to Yellowstone Park, so dearly loved by our residents, never ceases to amaze.


Ageless Friendships

Children from a local learning center visited MorningStar of Jackson Hole where they entertained with song and mini plays. Afterwards, there was an exchange of words of wisdom from the experienced to the inexperienced.

Colorful Costumes

Residents of MorningStar of Jackson Hole enjoy an authentic native dance performed by a local Hispanic group, with whom we connected through our housekeepers, Rudolfo and Irma.


Campfire Pleasures without the Mosquitoes

Residents at MorningStar of Jackson Hole enjoy roasting marshmallows on our back patio. It looks like Martin left his in a touch too long. No worries…plenty more fluffy cubes in the bag.

Cultural Richness of Jackson Hole

Chris Lanier, Executive Director at MorningStar of Jackson Hole, escorts residents to an evening at the theatre, featuring a live telecast from London.


Jackson Culture

At MorningStar at Jackson Hole, we lunched and toured the National Museum of Wildlife. The beautiful sculptures pictured behind us overlook Jackson’s elk refuge.

Happy Hour

Here at MorningStar of Jackson Hole, Margarita Happy Hour is served up by Life Enrichment Coordinator (AKA Chief Bartender), Jim Wolfgang. Wearing sombreros is optional, but oh-so-fun.



renovationJackson Hole Renovation Progressing Nicely

Here’s how our Reception Area at MorningStar of Jackson Hole is shaping up, a new configuration that will improve its flow, function and beauty. Our dining room also moves briskly along toward completion. Check out those gorgeous vaulted ceilings.

Sister Sweet

Sisters Beth and Merle celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day at MorningStar of Jackson Hole with green (of course) ice cream sundaes.

There’s Happy. And there’s Campfire Happy

Why not take Happy Hour outside in the fresh mountain air. And so we did this week at MorningStar of Jackson Hole, giving ourselves a welcome break from the renovation inside. Here’s Ella with cozy-wrapped Bill.

Beer, BINGO and Bananas

The winners of BINGO at MorningStar of Jackson Hole wield great power for they decree who next must wear our infamous banana suit. Here are the latest (very yellow) scapegoats. All in good fun, of course.




MorningStar of Jackson Hole Resident Outing

Here is one very enthused theatre-goer just before the curtain went up on a Mary Poppins musical. Moosie had her hair done special for this evening at the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts.

In the Name of Progress

Our interior renovation progresses at MorningStar of Jackson Hole. But sometimes you have to make a mess to progress. Here a “containment barrier” goes up to keep debris, well, “contained”! Hallway carpet is being laid after hours to minimize disruption. Best of all, according to our general contractor, Blue Sky, “Everyone is being extremely friendly and your staff has been more than helpful. You have a great crew here at MorningStar.”


Horse Play at MorningStar of Jackson Hole

Marge is our most recent “Day at the Races” Grand Champion. In this popular activity, residents roll the dice to race their horses down the track. The Saturday afternoon event includes medals, prizes and maybe just a bit of under-the-table betting.

tetonsJackson Hole is a beautiful place!

MorningStar of Jackson Hole has the opportunity to explore its winter beauty with our Monday Scenic Drives.

Sweet Table

MorningStar of Jackson Hole enjoyed Happy Hour with a Valentine’s Day theme, complete with a table of sweetheart memorabilia that residents, families and team members wanted to share.


Residents enjoying “An Evening at the Symphony² right here at MorningStar of Jackson Hole.






Friendly (and Hungry) Neighbors

When we say we build family for life, it includes the broader animal
kingdom. This friendly neighborhood buck decided to join us for dinner,
right outside a resident¹s room. Just as tame as a wild beast can be.

O’TannenbaumOur ceremonial lighting of the Christmas tree at MorningStar of Jackson Hole was a rousing success. The choir from the Jackson Hole Classical Academy charmed the huge crowd, whose cars lined the street, up and down. Oh, what fun it is to light…and sing…and…be merry!

msjh-cakeThey Have Their Cake and Eat It Too

MorningStar of Jackson Hole residents enjoyed a wonderful dessert of Tres Letches Cake, compliments of Executive Chef Deb Chavez.

Jackson-Hole-Facility-Tiny-TownTiny Town Returns for Another Charming Year

Ruth and Betty, among other MorningStar of Jackson Hole residents, worked with students at Summit High School to refinish elements of East Jackson’s iconic “Tiny Town,” part of the Valley’s holiday culture for the last 50 years. The display will again be set up after Thanksgiving on Moran Street, east of town square. It’s at its glorious best when seen all lit up on a winter’s eve.

Renovation in the New Year for our Already Beautiful Community
With the opening days of 2016 we’ll commence an exciting renovation at MorningStar of Jackson Hole. We offered the town a sneak peek of our design plans at an November event honoring all seniors in the Jackson Hole valley for their tremendous contributions. Guests enjoyed wonderful offerings by Executive Chef Deb.


msjh-veterans2015Freedom isn’t Free

For the third year, to commemorate Veterans Day, the MorningStar of Jackson Hole residents penned messages to active military men and women through an organization known as “A Million Thanks,” which distributes care packages to military bases around the world. One resident wrote (pictured here): “Your service today to prevent war is every bit as important as ours was to win it.”

From Around our House

Coolest cowboy hat ever!


A visit with a smart crow.


A visit with a smart crow.


Happy couple!


All smiles!


Fun bus ride!


Time to relax.

















Jim…taking the sound advice of today’s headlines
































A Neighborly Summer Kick-off

When MorningStar throws a party, we don’t want to keep the fun all to ourselves, so we invite far and wide. On June 26 we hosted a Summer Kick-Off for the entire Rafter J Neighborhood, complete with music and pony rides. Another perfect day in Jackson Hole.



Exciting News

On January 1, 2015, our beautiful assisted living community (once “River Rock”) was re-christened “MorningStar of Jackson Hole” upon our adoption by MorningStar Senior Living, a Denver-based management company. We are so excited to be enveloped within its family of communities, knowing MorningStar’s reputation for excellence in service to seniors, a reputation earned over the last 11 years.

The new year will usher in many enhancements to our interior décor, programming and care services, one of the most exciting (to the whole Valley) being the building of an annex of suites dedicated to Memory Care for those with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Our renovated interior plans include new carpet, fixtures, paint and furnishings in all the common areas. We are improving our theatre and Life Enrichment room; adding a spa bath/therapy room, full bistro and grand piano; and reconfiguring the reception area and offices. Expect a late summer commencement of this exciting project.



We are Radically Relational



Hannah and Jeanne: The quirky humor (and photography) we love at MorningStar


Giving Back: Tony Sloan, Maintenance Director at MorningStar at Jackson Hole, invests his weekends generously.


For the last 15 years, Tony has taught disabled and at-risk youth from C-Bar-V Ranch, as well as war veterans, on the art of descending slippery slopes. “Some of these folks have been dealt a tough hand in life, and just need someone to give them a little boost.” To help his students master adaptive equipment (bi-skis, mono-skis and three-tracking), Tony injects a healthy dose of tough love, challenging them to go beyond their perceived limits. “This crowd is so stoked just to be out there. I take a a lot of pleasure in being a friend along for the ride.”



Tis’ the Season
You never know what Jim has up his sleeve, but we’re hoping that Banana Santa makes a few more appearances this season!

Winter Time
It may be dreary outside, but that can’t stop us!  Hole in one!

Planting Amaryllis
Thanks to these ladies, we will have beautiful amaryllis blooms to fill our dining room with color this winter!

Halloween at the Rock
Our residents are the best!! Everyone got into the spirit of Halloween and dressed up for the many trick-or-treaters that came through our doors!

News Flash
Arlow’s mom caught him reading about River Rock in this week’s Jackson Hole News&Guide. You can be like Arlow by catching up on Connie Owen’s Circling the Square!

Happy Fall Y’all
Busy afternoon at the Rock. Flu shots for everyone followed by your choice of card games, manicures, word games, or chatting by the fireplace!

Around Our House
Crab apple picking time at River Rock!  Check out our harvest!

Celebrating Fall
New centerpieces for fall! Thank you River Rock ladies for your help.

MorningStar Assisted Living of Jackson Hole 3000 W Big Trail Dr Jackson, WY 83001 (307) 734-0500