"MorningStar is like a
slice of heaven for me." (Resident)
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Become a Volunteer

Volunteer Opportunities

MorningStar welcomes volunteers who have a heart to bless seniors. Whether you are a dance troupe, singing group or someone who just wants to pop in occasionally and visit—please call the individual community in which you are most interested and ask for the Life Enrichment Coordinator. Come soon. Eager faces await your friendship.

Testimonies from our Volunteers

“Why wouldn’t you want to share your talents with seniors? Look at all they’ve shared with us.” (Nancy, Volunteer)


“I know some of your residents from their time at other senior communities. Here at MorningStar, I’ve never seen them so happy: singing, clapping and smiling!  Whatever you’re doing, it’s working!” (Entertainer)


“Retirement from nursing after 28 years left me with too little to fill my days. So, having volunteered in my mother’s skilled nursing home during her final years, I decided to start helping at MorningStar. I love giving hugs—and getting them. And I really enjoy hearing the residents’ stories. They have so much insight.” (Melody Jenny, volunteer)


“I’ve always been big on volunteering, though I have limited experience in working with elder folks.  Still, wanting to impress my children with the importance of community service, we started visiting the residents of MorningStar several years ago.   

It was my wife, Velina, who made the first connection with Dick Reed, one of your residents, in her role as a Stress Manager.  She introduced the two of us, knowing our mutual love of history.  “You and Dick need to spend some guy time,” Velina said. 

And so we did, first over coffee to shoot the breeze, then by my taking him to Civil War discussion groups.  On the drive over, Dick began to share about his own combat experience in the cavalry during WWII, and later when he re-upped in Korea.

He’d also talk a lot about his late wife.  And football, of course.  He introduced me to his daughters, and occasionally our two families would share a meal.

Just as our friendship was taking off, Dick suffered kidney failure.  I attended his funeral at Fort Logan—and it struck me on that cold January day of just how sincerely you care at MorningStar.  Your staff was there at the graveside, displaying their love of community.  Throughout my set of experiences at all levels of this organization, I have felt their soulfulness. 

I have seen soul-less-ness for too many years in corporate America.   But here, at MorningStar I see real people and real service, a rare combination in a for-profit.  It seems you have a mission-centered perspective, where employees aren’t just punching a clock.  

So as I’ve been working through all this—Dick’s death, our many moments together—it feels like something’s reaching out to me.  For me, this is a compelling invitation that I shouldn’t ignore: to work with seniors.  

The character of seniors is so rich. The stories they have to tell are so vibrant. Only they can give you perspective with vignettes of real history. As for introducing my kids to seniors, making that cross-generational connection, well, that’s huge. It’s downright spiritual.” (Taaj Suri, volunteer)