"To the sweet angels who love and care for our mother:
thank you." (Resident's Family)
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Team Trabajo in Nicaragua…Stirred and Shaken


(October 2016)aShaken and Stirred: that’s how we, as Team Trabajo (the Home Office of MorningStar), felt during our week’s stay in Nicaragua in support of the Casa Bernabe orphanage.

We were shaken by walking past the tin shacks of Puerto Cabezas, by riding their pot-holed roads, by visiting their forlorn hospitals and jails—and by daring to look squarely at abject poverty. We were stirred by the joy we saw among the remarkably resilient and brave Nicaraguan people, by their gleaming smiles and cheerful greetings. Imagine us stepping (rather timidly) into the local Feeding Center, and each being swarmed by dozens of children—beautiful, longing faces, eager to make a connection. Our minds, like pinball machines, bounced from one emotion to the next. In scene after striking scene, our hearts swelled, winced—broke.

We were stirred to go deep with ourselves and with each other in an attempt to process all we were experiencing. With anxious eyes, we asked at our evening debrief what we could possibly do to make a difference here—or anywhere in a world so strangulated by poverty. Our leaders, Ken and Matt (whose personal commitment to Nicaragua is profound), encouraged us to rejoice in the fact that each of us at MorningStar, whatever our role, is contributing to the health and progress so evident at Casa Bernabe.

We were thrilled to bring Pastor Earl (director of the orphanage) $52,696 in donations, which paid to reengineer the building that will now serve as a Vocational Center, and also lay a new roof on the administrative office. We toted $500 in therapeutic supplies for what will be the Sensory Room at the Center, a place where counselors can help children work through their traumatic histories—and mend. In a spontaneous burst of affection for the 20 locals who labored alongside us in the humidity, Drew Ostransky and Blake Smith (through Facebook) raised an additional $1200 in two days to cover their week’s wages.

Now, with the efforts of that impactful week complete, we are left with the persisting call to keep caring, keep investing our time, talent and treasure wherever it can serve and uplift others. Ken exhorts us to be “People of the Possible,” moving forward together to change this mountain called Poverty into a mountain of Hope—one child at a time. After all, we are MorningStar. Bringing light and healing is what we do.

Impressive. Heart-pounding. Muscle-cramping. And so very wonderful.

We heartily thank these Good Fellows for directing even more attention to our Team Trabajo trip (October 21–29) to build a Vocational Center at Casa Bernabe. Fifteen team members from MorningStar’s Home Office are making the trek to build deeper relationships with each other and the people of Nicaraguan. Because…at MorningStar…love goes the extra mile.

Your donations will still be gratefully received here.

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