"Your compassion, empathy and grace
epitomize goodness." (Resident's Family)
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Ken Jaeger, Founder/CEO, describes the
MorningStar culture

Current Opportunities in Our Communities

Home Office – Denver, Colorado
• No open positions currently

MorningStar of Albuquerque – Albuquerque, New Mexico
• Care Managers
• Med Care Managers
• Reflections Coordinator

MorningStar at Arcadia – Phoenix, Arizona
• Care Manager
• Medication Care Manager

MorningStar at Arrowhead – Glendale, Arizona
• Certified Care Managers
Fri-Sun (6a-2p)
Sat-Sun (6a-2p)
Sat (6a-2p)
Fri-Mon (2p-10p)
Fri-Mon (10p-6a)
Mon (2p-10p)
• Dining Room Servers (7a-2p)
• Dining Room Supervisor (11a–7p)
• Housekeeper (Full-time and Temp)

MorningStar of Arvada – Arvada, Colorado
• Please call or stop by our Information Center onsite, open March 2017, to inquire. Most of our team will be built in late 2017.

MorningStar at Bear Creek – Colorado Springs, Colorado
• Care Manager, Memory Care
• Cook-PRN
• Dishwasher (Part-time)
• Executive Chef
• Life Enrichment Coordinator
• Life Enrichment Assistant (Part-time)

MorningStar of Billings – Billings, Montana
• Assisted Living Coordinator
• Care Managers, All Shifts
• Reflections Coordinator

MorningStar of Boise – Boise, Idaho
• Cook
• Medication Care Manager
• Resident Care Manager
• Server

MorningStar of Boulder – Boulder, Colorado
• Care Managers (all shifts)
• Concierge (part-time, evenings and weekends)
• Dining Room Supervisor (part-time)
• PRN Care Managers (all shifts)
• QMAPS (all shifts)
• QMAPS (full-time overnights)

MorningStar at Dayton Place – Denver, Colorado
• Care Manager (Full-time/PRN)
• Dining Room Servers (Full-time)
• Dishwasher (Full/Part-time)
• Housekeeper (Full-time)
• Life Enrichment Assistant (Part-time)
• Maintenance Assistant (Part-time)
• Qmap, All Shifts (Full-time)

MorningStar of Fort Collins – Fort Collins, Colorado
• Care Managers for both PM and Nights (Full-time and Part-time)

MorningStar of Fountain Hills – Fountain Hills, Arizona
• Certified Caregiver and Medication Aide
• Wellness Nurse (Part-time)

MorningStar of Idaho Falls – Idaho Falls, Idaho
• CDL Driver (Part-time)
• CDL Driver w/ passenger endorsement (Full-time)
• Caregivers (reduced hourly)
• Housekeeping (reduced hourly)
• Medication Care Managers (reduced hourly)
• Servers for Diningroom (reduced hourly)

MorningStar at Jordan – Centennial, Colorado
• Care Giver-All Shifts (full/part/PRN) — Reserve a spot for our weekly group interviews: Wednesdays from 3:30-4:00.
• Dishwasher (full or Part time)
• Housekeeper (full-time)
• Cook (full-time)
• Medication Care Manager-All Shifts (full/part/PRN)
Reserve a spot for our weekly group interviews: Wednesdays from 3:30-4:00.

MorningStar of Littleton – Littleton, Colorado
• Dishwasher
• Cook
• Care Manager
• Housekeeper (full-time)
• QMAP (Overnight)
• Life Enrichment Assistant (Sunday and as needed)
Call us; we’re interviewing daily!!

MorningStar at Mountain Shadows – Colorado Springs, Colorado
• Medication Care Manager
• Resident Care Manager
• Wellness Nurse (Part-time, weekends only)

MorningStar at RidgeGate – Lone Tree, Colorado
• Caregivers (all shifts)
• QMAPs (all shifts)
• Dining Room Servers
• Dishwashers
• Housekeepers

MorningStar of Sparks – Sparks, Nevada
• Caregivers
• Care Managers
• Concierges (Part-time)
• Cook
• Dining Room Servers
• Dining Room Supervisor
• Housekeepers
• Maintenance Assistant (Part-time)
• Porter
• Servers
• Wellness Nurse

MorningStar of Wheat Ridge – Wheat Ridge, Colorado
Full-time and Part-time Positions
• Wellness Director (Salary FT)
• Caregiver – Hourly (All Shifts)
• QMAPs- Hourly (All Shifts)
• Dishwasher/Prep Hourly (All Shifts)
• Housekeeper (Hourly FT)
Group Interviews TUESDAY 2:30PM, OR THURSDAY 9:30AM
– Call to Schedule Your Appointment!!

Parker Senior Living by MorningStar – Parker, Colorado
• Assisted Living Supervisor
• Care Managers (full and part-time)
• Concierge (overnight)
• Dining Room Servers
• Housekeeper (full-time)
• QMAPS (all shifts full and part-time)
• Reflections Coordinator
• Reflections Supervisor

Reserve a spot for our weekly group interviews: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am.

Job Descriptions
within our
Community Teams


Executive Director

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Business Office Manager

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Director of Community Relations

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Community Relations Associate

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Wellness Director

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Wellness Nurse

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Assisted Living Coordinator

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Reflections Coordinator

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Lead Care Manager

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Medication Care Manager (Qmap)

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Care Manager

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Executive Chef

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Dining Room Server

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Dining Room Supervisor

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Independent Living Coordinator

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Life Enrichment Coordinator

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Life Enrichment Assistant

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Maintenance/Housekeeping Director

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Maintenance Assistant

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Star Performers

Whatever its advertised amenities, a senior community’s success invariably rests on its caregivers. That’s why one of the founding principles of MorningStar is to invest generously in our team members—that is, to invest in their development, maturity, compensation, benefits and career path.

MorningStar-Senior-Living-CareersAt MorningStar, we want to create the ultimate work environment, a place where staff know the magnitude of their contributions to society—for they are making someone else’s life better, richer.

In this, we dig to find men and women who have a sense of calling to seniors. We do not want team members to consider MorningStar another way to pay the rent. Rather, we want them to have a smile while driving to work, knowing the mission that awaits and the impact they’ll make that day within our walls and beyond them.

We seek people who champion our mission, who will do the right thing when no one is watching, who want to perfect the art of anticipating needs and going the extra mile, who know that Senior Living, at its best, is love in action.

When you open up a smile for your fellow staff and choose to pass along some extra compassion and love, well, that can’t help but spread like wildfire. (Maintenance Director)

_---MG7_2822MorningStar team members have a unique work environment: our residents’ homes. This inherently creates a familial comfort, a friendly atmosphere, where house dogs wander and kitchen aromas waft. As in any true home, inter-dependence is the key. All our departments work with one goal: to enrich the day for our residents.

An equal opportunity employer, MorningStar boasts a culturally diverse workforce and easily accommodates flexible hours and schedules.

We love our lyrical name: MorningStar—and are inspired by it daily. By the brightness and hope it embodies. If you are likewise inspired, we want to hear from you.

When you have worked around the globe as I have, and come to a workplace that feels like home, where you are so welcomed, so cared for, so appreciated… it can take you by surprise…and you know what? It did! Because that’s exactly what I found here at MorningStar. Whether staff or residents, the respect, trust and love shown to me here is beyond anything I have ever experienced in my working career. I pinch myself every day that I get to work here. (Team Member)



“Working with seniors is the most fulfilling & wonderful career I can think of. I love my job!”
(Life Enrichment Coordinator)


MorningStar is special because they believe in their employees. They choose powerfully, and invest the time and training necessary to create leaders who can ultimately provide the best life possible for our residents. MorningStar stands alone in its efforts to strive for excellence in all that we set out to accomplish. Our seniors feel love and devotion every day from our dedicated dream team. (Director of Community Relations)


Radiance is the brand standard of Service Excellence at MorningStar Senior Living. Its precepts are introduced to team members upon hiring, and reiterated every day at daily Stand-up. More than a customer service program, Radiance and principles celebrate an attitude, an attitude of selflessness that issues from a deep and sincere place, like a beam of light. For this is how we want to deliver service at MorningStar: with warmth and sincerity and depth. Through Radiance, we have a tangible and purposeful way to advance our mission of honoring, valuing and investing in others. Our Founder’s design for MorningStar has always been that we be a company of Servants’ Hearts. And so we have, since 2003. However, the framework of Radiance enables us, as a team, to take service professionalism to the next level.

Radiance is lived out in a variety of ways, from our interpersonal communication, to special touches throughout our homes, to spontaneous surprises for all beneath our roof.

You can view Radiance simply as this: evidence of MorningStar’s resolve to be a place not only distinguished by compassion and care, but by service professionalism. Service becomes us!


Do you demonstrate the qualities of a Radiant Spirit?

• Respectful

• Prudent

• Servant-minded

• Optimistic

• Dedicated

• Compassionate

• Trustworthy

• Empathetic

• Teachable

• Knowledgeable

If you possess these qualities—if you aspire toward possessing these qualities—give us a call. You may be just the Great Heart we seek.


Pics of our Radiant Staff


Nicaraguan laborer at Casa Bernabe, the orphanage MorningStar supports in the coastal city of Puerto Cabezas







“Six years ago I had my first encounter with a person suffering from Alzheimer’s. While touring a long-term care community, I saw a woman in a wheelchair insistently repeating, ‘Do not cross the red line.’ She had peculiar behaviors which frankly drove the nurses crazy. As I came nearer, she reached out her hand and pulled me close. Looking straight into my eyes, she said resolutely, ‘You will find what you are looking for.’ She was so right. Since then my life has been richly blessed with the lessons I learn at MorningStar from those with Alzheimer’s. They teach me how to create spontaneous moments of joy, the importance of being present and patient in connecting, and the healing power of human touch.” (Reflections Coordinator)