“Age is an opportunity, no less than youth itself,
though in another dress.” (H.W. Longfellow)
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Assisted Living

Assisted Living
al-differenceThe only difference in our senior years is that we may have to open ourselves to a little help once in a while. And from that level of honesty and transparency, we enter into a truer human experience, one in which we can receive—and give—love. It becomes quite a lovely exchange of mutual blessing.

The only difference in our senior years is that we may have to open ourselves to a little help once in a while. And from that level of honesty…(continue as now is)

For our Assisted Living residents, MorningStar offers various levels of assistance with the activities of daily living, each determined after a thorough assessment with our Wellness Director, working in agreement with the senior and extended family. In all cases, around-the-clock Care Managers ensure your safety as they meet your expressed (and even unexpressed) needs.

It is our staff’s responsibility to remember you prefer coffee with cream, or that you hail from Youngstown, Ohio. It’s our pleasure to help you choose a new dress for church or for dinner out on the town. It’s our gift to respond to you with thoughtfulness, and encourage independence wherever it can be found, and to instill self-confidence in all that you are.

Life is story. Pages of amazing adventure.

This is the only place to be.  I don’t want for a thing.
(102-year-old Resident)

A Candid Word to the Spouse or Adult Child
Perhaps all this talk about assisted living communities is attended with feelings of guilt in you as the spouse or adult child of a senior in need. You wish you could open your own home to a beloved senior, but other commitments and constraints prevent you. Perhaps you are now the caregiver, and feel apprehensive about leaving that role to someone else, though your selflessness is taking its toll on your own health and well being.

Please know we are here not to replace you, but to walk beside you and your spouse or parent—all in the hope of being an additional loving presence in all of your lives. And if you allow MorningStar to assume the full-time role of Care Manager, the two of you are free to reestablish a balanced relationship. Finally relax. Share a laugh. Enjoy each other.

Many of us on the MorningStar team have walked this same road with our own aging moms and dads. We too have marked the passage of time, and seen the need for a lifestyle adjustment. Guidance, and wending our own way through plenty of heart-to-heart talks. We have helped disburse the rooms of treasured possessions, sell the family home of half a century, and make the tender decisions.

Yes, we’ve been there ourselves. Which is partly why we’re so inspired to serve you with excellence and empathy.

MorningStar communities are private pay.