"Everyone here is so thoughtful and considerate."
(Resident's Family)
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Companion Living

“You’ve Got a Friend in Me”
Enhance Life, Extend Life, with Companion Living

Familiar-faces[6]We are designed by our Creator for relationships. The deeper, the more constant these relationships—the better. Conversely, in isolation, we’re drained of energy and purpose, whatever our personality or temperament.  Seniors are certainly no exception. In fact, after being married 40, 50, 60 years, their need for a partner can be even more pronounced. A companion can be the single best way to diminish feelings of loneliness, and return to the joy of living.

For this reason, MorningStar offers Companion Living in its communities, where two unrelated people of the same sex share a suite, whether in independent living, assisted living or memory care.

We go to great lengths to match residents by their common backgrounds and interests. “You’re from the East Coast too?” “I also love pottering in the garden.” Such a building block often makes for instant friendships. And, as we all know, when friends are present, everything else suddenly feels that much better.

Within this arrangement, the rent of that suite is split.  But the benefits of Companion Living go far beyond the economics of shared expenses. A roommate can ease the transition to a senior living community, in all its facets, and hasten that settled feeling of Home. There’s nothing like meeting someone who already knows the ropes. The presence of a roommate also encourages confident socialization with the broader community. Shared lives can boost health through increased appetite and improved sleeping patterns. And roommates naturally look after each other’s interests, therefore may be the first to notice changes in the other’s health or abilities.

Of course, Companion Living offers the full scope of one-on-one, personalized loving care, and the outstanding amenities extended to all of our residents: meals, transportation, activities, entertainment and the full community as your own living (and stretching out) space.

“…we stick together, we can see it through, ‘cause you’ve got a friend in me.” (from the title song of Toy Story)

For afterall, what do seniors essentially want? What do we all want? To be valued at our core being; to be seen as significant; to be looked squarely in the eyes and loved. (Ken Jaeger, MorningStar Founder/CEO)

MorningStar communities are private pay.