"Your chef, cooks and waitstaff are outstanding."
(Resident's Family)
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How We Care

Seniors are a testimony to colossal events in our history. They’ve witnessed world wars and the world wide web—all in one glorious sweep…

How We Care

Seniors are a testimony to colossal events in our history. They’ve witnessed world wars and the world wide web—all in one glorious sweep. If anyone deserves respect, it is these men and women, who made our lives possible.

This is MorningStar’s
high and chosen calling.




In this video interview, Founder Ken Jaeger shares more on the mission and personality of MorningStar Senior Living. We’d be pleased if you chose to watch.



My wife and I were just existing in our former home, but we’re living here at MorningStar.  It’s all in how you look at the changes in your life. (Resident)




In this video interview, Matt Turner, Chief Financial & Development Officer, offers his perspective on the culture of MorningStar and the residents beneath our roof.



The joy of making others happy—that’s what my own parents taught me, that’s why I love being a caregiver at MorningStar. If I can make our residents laugh or make their day by helping with a little something—well, that’s the biggest reward I could ask for. (Care Manager)


RadianceRadiance is the brand standard of Service Excellence at MorningStar Senior Living. More than a customer service program, Radiance and its principles (taught to our New Hires and reiterated every day at our Team Stand-up) celebrate an attitude, an attitude of selflessness that issues from a deep and sincere place, like a beam of light. For this is how we want to deliver service at MorningStar: with warmth and sincerity and depth. Through Radiance, we have a tangible and purposeful way to advance our mission of honoring, valuing and investing in others.

Our Founder’s design for MorningStar has always been that it be a company of Servants’ Hearts. And so we have been, since 2003. However, the framework of Radiance enables us, as a team, to take service professionalism to the next level.

Radiance is lived out in a variety of ways, from our interpersonal communication, to special touches throughout our homes, to spontaneous surprises for all beneath our roof.

You can view Radiance simply as this: evidence of MorningStar’s resolve to be a place not only distinguished by compassion and care, but by service professionalism. Service becomes us!

“No man can live without joy.”  (Thomas Aquinas, 13th c.)

Joy isn’t ever in a season but in the way we see. There is always reason to arise confident in the day and the promise it holds. To engage the day with mind, body and spirit. To continue learning and contributing. To shine.

WellStar is our signature wellness program. The charge of our Wellness and Life Enrichment Teams is to present residents with creative ways to stay active and productive for man’s good and God’s glory.  We love to draw out the beauty and talents in each of them.

At MorningStar, each day is filled with opportunities to ignite a plan that enhances health and wellness. Our activities integrate different modalities and senses to feed the whole body and brain. The result? Reduced pain. Less reliance on medication. A marked difference in mood and physical well being.


Below are examples of WellStar in our homes



Physical Wellness:
We have fitness and movement opportunities every day, sometime indoors, sometimes under blue skies. In true Rockies style, we have a Flat Fourteeners Club where residents come together to walk the neighboring paths.

We created Wish Upon A Star to enable residents to live out their dreams—for to live is to hope and dream. For one resident, a quadriplegic who was once a competitive swimmer, that dream was to swim again. Her MorningStar team helped make it happen.




Spiritual Wellness:
Our lovely chapel is open to all faiths for prayer and meditation, with a non-denomination service regularly scheduled. Devotionals, Bible study, hymn singing and group prayer are held during the week. Communion is shared monthly.


morningstar-universityIntellectual Wellness:
Age brilliantly…at MorningStar. Your marvelously complex brain is always up for a challenge, if only you put yourself through the paces of stimulating those neurons, learning something new, and intentionally practicing cognitive skills. And we’re here to help, offering you a daily dose of brain calisthenics that go way beyond BINGO.

Social Wellness:
Everything we do in a MorningStar day is social, and all of it enriches our Community Life. Activities to please a wide range of interests. Exercise class. We come together in small or large groups to share each other’s special talents. We’re known to gather around the piano for sing-alongs. And, of course, we celebrate seasonal holidays as a family.

We often hit the road in the MorningStar bus and head for a new movie release, special interest destinations, swimming at the rec center, or scenic drives. Shopping excursions are even more common.

All this comes with the reward of not just relationships, but accountability (for you are truly missed if you don’t show up).

Food-PhilosophyFood Philosophy:
Diet is the centerpiece of wellness, even more so as we age.  We’re thrilled with both the level of talent in our MorningStar kitchens—and new research that bears out the tremendous healing power of certain foods: berries, chocolate high in cocoa mass, Omega 3 fats, turmeric—and always dark leafy greens.

The charge of our culinary team is to design menus that creatively leverage the phenomenal benefits of Super Foods.  We experiment with flavor profiles that delight the eye and palate, can be easily handled and digested, and directly contribute to wellness.

It’s all on the calendar. Every day. Fun and healthy reasons to step out your door and join in.

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